Amber  Van Ausdall

"I believe in the natural allure of the metals I work with. I do my best to keep my designs simple to showcase the pure beauty of silver, copper and gold."

My family has lived in Colorado for 90+ years.
As the saying goes, "Tis a privilege to live in Colorado.
I believe that whole-heartedly.
I come from a long line of mechanics, pilots, painters, great bakers, stone masons, photographers, jewelers and just good ole hardworking creative folks.


For Christmas when I was about 12, my grandfather gave me my 1st camera. Just a simple point and shoot, but to me perfection! A couple of years later he introduced me to his dark room and the art of Photography. I suppose that is where I began to develop my eye for composition. I fell head over heels in love! To this day, I still love the medium and draw on the composition skills he taught me.


When I am not in my jewelry studio (The Bat Cave!), art is still my hobby. Painting and concocting "weld-a-saraus" sculptures from scrap metal and engine parts, as well as wandering around with a camera in hand, are all excellent ways, in my opinion, to spend an afternoon.


Cooking with goodies from my little vegetable garden on my deck and baking bread from scratch are also fine ways to pass the time.


Last, but not least, I gotta say, history is the other real passion in my life. Believe it or not, I started college because I had memorized all of my Trivial Pursuit history cards and needed a new challenge! In any era, be it the Sumerians and the cradle of Civilization to the origin of the word "flappers" in the 1880's, I am a sucker for any random historical nugget.


So, finally, I will say - LIVE PASSIONATELY and HAVE FUN!