Artist Statement

Did you know - Metal has a crystalline structure?
As in, it is a solid - but not always solid in the same way?
And that you - yes you - can rearrange it, reshuffle its little molecules and yes, manipulate it on an atomic level? Yea, that blew my mind too.


That’s exactly what I have been doing since that life changing realization smacked upside the head … messing with molecules!

After playing with precious metals (silver and gold) for well over a decade – I’m into base metals these days (copper, brass, bronze).


The last few years, drawing on many methods I gleaned from my precious metal jewelry days, I have been indulging explorations into various design concepts. Still, my core philosophy is the same – color, shape and texture. 


Reveling in one of my great loves – cold forging- my main intention is to keep my designs simple – allowing the metal to reveal its own story. Stella, my 32 oz. ball peen and I can spend hours evolving one sheet of metal in to a OOAK adventure narrative.


Pandering to my infatuation with Modernism’s clean lines allows me to play with my other true love – fire. Brazing and soldering bits allow for a dollop of dimension in a few of my pieces.


One of the brilliant aspects of these base metals is their proclivity for oxidization – continuing their story in color if you will.


Frustrating unpredictability gives way to drool-worthy by-chance colors. Clean metal is dipped in a saline bath and then sealed in either an ammonia or vinegar vapor vacuum. The process is repeated over days or weeks until the desired patina is present.


In celebration of metal.

For the love of metal.

I do what I do.

With all my love - A